Be an Idiot- Get the 1BandID

I purchased the 1BandID last September and LOVE it. At first, I thought it would bother my wrist on a long run. This fear was 100% eliminated after running a 50 miler two weeks later. This race was my reason for the purchase. Fifty miles along old Route 66 was just begging to get hit by a car. Or truck. Or motorcycle….  
Didn’t even notice the ID  for the first 35 miles. This is when the miles started getting tough and my legs were hurting. Feeling like an Idiot for running a road 50 Mile Race in 85 degree weather with zero support on the course, I started checking my Garmin every 10 seconds hoping it was going to read 49 miles but it was seemingly stuck in slow motion.  “WOOOOO!!!!x2….life is good” & “ti no trid emos bur” were staring me in the face from the 1BandID. This was a gentle reminder for me to get back in the race. 
I came in 2nd place, PR’d, set a state record for my age group and didn’t become roadkill. Is it because I had the 1BandID on? Does it hold mystical and magical powers? I like to think it does……
1BandID andIRC have teamed up to give the members a discount on their very own 1BandID. Go to, customize your 1BandID and enter the code: IRC15 at checkout to save 15%. For every IRC purchase, $1 will be donated to a charity of the group’s choosing. If you want the 1BandID tag to be branded with Idiots Running Club, please indicate it in the special instructions field below where you enter the coupon code. Please note, if you want the tag branded, only use 5 lines for your information; the 6th will be used for the club name.
                                                                 ~David Murphy~

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