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My five year road to LeadvilleJustin McCune Idiot #398I thought it would be worthwhile to sit down and write out my journey, and ultimately goal of reaching the finish line of the Leadville 100. The journey has taken me over 5 years to finally complete. At 8:35 on August 21st, 2016 my dream ... More

314 Miles with an Idiot

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Idiots on a Grand Adventure

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Soggy Bottom 100 Trail Race                            27-28 FEB 2016As I crossed the start/finish line for the 5th 20 mile loop, my finishing time was 30:21:04.  Not the time goal of a sub 24 hour finish I had anticipated going into this race.  It’s true; I’m almost always disappointed in ... More

Jones and His Soggy Bottom

​Looking at my reflection as I kneeled at the river crossing splashing the, cold, February river water all over my face and head just after evacuating the contents of my already panging stomach, I was asking myself why the hell do you do this??? This is fricking Idiocy…..Three weeks after running my best 100 ... More

Success Postponed – Rocky Raccoon 100

Indika McCampbell at the Starting Line of the 2016 Rocky Raccoon 100. Rocky Raccoon 100 2016….A look back! Fair warning…this is looonngg!!!Well guess I’ll start at with this. Despite being as ready as I have ever been for a race of this magnitude…RR100 2016 was sadly a DNF at Mile 72.5…AGAIN!!!! OK Now ... More

Finding the Fire – Rocky Raccoon 2016

Jeff and his pacer Justin. You saw the video but….Rocky Raccoon holds a special place in my heart, as it does for a lot of us in the Idiots Running Club. This was my third time running Rocky. 2013 was my first year, and first ever 100, I made several Rookie mistakes including racing a veteran ultra runner for 40 ... More

MO’ Cowbell

Dating back to a 100-yard dash I won at my elementary school, running has always sparked a fire in my soul.  I was required to run a great deal while playing soccer in grade school and high school.  Later in life, I was handed a pair of Asics by my wife which was followed by some tender instructions to adopt ... More

Make a plan, and be prepared to change it!

Make a plan, and be prepared to change it! 2015 Mark Twain 100 Trail Race Report By:  Jeff Stafford Idiot #1902   This was my second attempt at a 100 mile trail race…the last one (Indiana Trail 100) ended with a DNF at mile 68 due to IT band issues.  That particular race was this past April 2015, and I ... More

July 18th, 2015

Nutrition for RunnersSpeedwork, intervals, tempo runs, long runs. Snow, rain, ice, blustering winds and monotonous treadmills. So many different levels of training and elements runners are willing to commit to and sacrifice for (no late night Saturday socializing for me, gotta nail that long run Sunday morning). All ... More