Where Have The Voices Gone?

The VOICES started with one mile and, without warning, they quickly spiraled my life into the chaos of 5k’s, Marathons and Ultra Marathons. Along the way there were some once unthinkable spinoffs. Fundraising, BQ’s, Medals, Trophies, Cash Prizes, Buckles, Running Clubs, Free Shoes, Free Gear, Free Product, Magazine ... More

Play Hard. Have Fun. Do Your Best.

Orange. Strawberry. Grape. Root Beer. The reward for playing a great game. Or maybe it was the reward for a not so great game. I really don't remember the actual game but I do remember the sweet nectar found in the coach's cooler. Cheap off brand soda that had us scrambling and working hard to get to the cooler first. The ... More

Fat Elvis and Eye on the Prize

Three and a half years. I haven't "really" ran in three and a half years. Why? Because I haven't. Sure there are reasons, excuses and multitude of other blah, blah, blah's I could throw out there but the bottom line is simple. I got lazy, lost the desire and mental focus that it takes to compete. The thrill of the challe... More

Garmin 235 Raffle

Idiots Running Club Relay for Life Garmin 235 RaffleNew in box  Garmin 235$8.97 per ticket150 tickets will be soldWinner will be selected using a random number generator appWinning number will be drawn when all tickets are soldDrawing will be recorded on videoIf all tickets are not sold he winner will be chosen on ... More

Win Or Don’t Come Home

Win or don't come home. This is what I tell the athletes I coach. "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." Saunders, and later, Lombardi had it right in my opinion. At least to some degree. Winning is important and must be regarded as the ultimate goal in every race, contest or game. Why? Because even from a very ... More


My five year road to LeadvilleJustin McCune Idiot #398I thought it would be worthwhile to sit down and write out my journey, and ultimately goal of reaching the finish line of the Leadville 100. The journey has taken me over 5 years to finally complete. At 8:35 on August 21st, 2016 my dream ... More

314 Miles with an Idiot

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GoPro or Hot Tub Relay for Life Raffle

Another raffle?? Yep. Another raffle to benefit the ACS via the Idiots Running Club Relay for Life Team in our quest to rid the world of the evil that is cancer.A very generous supporter has donated your choice of a portable hot tub or theGoPro Hero4 Silver Camera Bundle. It will be tough choice for the winner to ... More

ElliptiGo Arc Raffle Round #2

****ONLY 74 TICKETS HAVE BEEN SOLD - YOUR ODDS OF WINNING ARE FAVORABLE***  Updated 6/9/2016 13:15The first raffle for the ElliptiGo Arc was a great success. Unfortunately there could only be one winner. Everybody knows that second place is the first loser. That sucks if you didn't win. Once in a while in life we get ... More

Arkansas Tornados Part One

With less than 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter during the DCFL playoff game it was easy to sum up the first season in the history of the Arkansas Tornados football franchise with just  four simple words. Heart. Determination. Perseverance. Unity. The scoreboard showed we were going to lose by a wide margin yet the ... More