We Each Get One Life

Idiots, I need your help.

Today is Memorial Day and it happens to be  the  8th anniversary of my dad’s death.  I am in the process of writing a book to honor him.  He fought an 8 year battle with colorectal cancer.  He truly hung the moon for me.  He was the type of man that lit up the room.  He was hilarious and always had a story and a smile for everyone he met.

After he passed away, I traveled to my hometown of Kansas City to help my mom with funeral arrangements.  I stayed in his room and unearthed a treasure.  While going through his closet, I found a box of his artwork.  He loved to doodle, but I never realized how talented he was.  I want the world to see his art, and read stories that offer encouragement and motivation to all who pick up the book.
I wrote about this last year.  If you would like to read it, and see some of the artwork please  click here.

The last time I saw my dad, he told me to remember we each get one life.  That has stuck with me.  I think of his words every day, and I even have it tattooed on me (in French) along with his art). Those words have helped me to accomplish more than I ever dreamed…like running a marathon.  Of course, I wrote about this too.  If you would like to read more, click  here.

So, here is what I need from you.  I am looking for stories to fill the pages next to the artwork.  Specifically, the types of stories I would like are:

  • Your personal triumph over cancer
  • The diagnosis of a loved one with cancer, that pushed you to make a difference (such as David’s story)
  • I am also looking for inspirational quotes, such as my “Une Vie”, that have helped you to overcome challenges.  These do not have to refer to cancer, but rather something inspirational that has helped you along the way.  I am not looking for quotes by motivational speakers or celebrities, but rather personal words of encouragement from Idiots like us.

Because we are the Idiots Running Club, I would prefer that the stories have a running aspect to them, like mine (never running 1 mile, getting pissed at cancer, then running a marathon within 18 months just because my dad put those little words in my head).  You don’t have to be an ultra or a marathoner to share your story.  You just have to be an Idiot.

I hope to receive many submissions.  I anticipate that I won’t be able to use them all, but I look forward to reading every one.  My goal is to continue to work on this throughout the summer and have a complete package by my dad’s birthday (October 24).  Yes, that’s a lofty goal, but I have learned I can do anything I put my mind to and I will accomplish this with your help.

I’ll admit, I have never published a book before. However, I have written and illustrated several children’s stories, and hope to self-publish my first one this summer.  My life-long dream is to be an author.  My dad’s words helped me learn just how strong I can be and I owe it to him to make my dream come true and honor his loving spirit.  Proceeds from the book will go to the American Cancer Society  from the Idiots Running Club.
~Amie LongstaffIf you would like to share your story please submit it using the following form.

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