What is a Running Coach?

I am 100% sure that I will take some heat for this one but that's okay.... Just post in the comments and don't hide behind an "anonymous" tag.What is a running coach? That seems to be an easy question on the surface but like many things these days it’s a little more complicated than it used to be. Gone are the days where ... More

Idiots on a Grand Adventure

if (!window.scribd_js_loaded) { window.scribd_js_loaded = true; document.write(""); } var scribd_doc_313693127 = scribd.Document.getDoc(313693127, "key-ZeUAcC... More

IRC Drop Bag Raffle

This amazing Handmade Idiots Running Club Drop Bag will be raffled for the Relay for Life. This is the same (minus the minor differences that come from custom made products) as the bag that was previously brought $1,000 in our online auction.Raffle tickets are $11.27 each and can be purchased by making a direct donation to ... More

ElliptiGo Arc Relay for Life Raffle

****0 TICKETS REMANING**** updated at 10:50 CST 5/29/2016Congrats to Norman Eubank from Pontiac, MO on winning the first ElliptiGo Arc Raffle. Stay tuned for another opportunity. You know you NEED one of these.Raffle tickets are $16.58 each with a limited quantity of 181 available. Retail value is $1299.Why the weird ... More


Soggy Bottom 100 Trail Race                            27-28 FEB 2016As I crossed the start/finish line for the 5th 20 mile loop, my finishing time was 30:21:04.  Not the time goal of a sub 24 hour finish I had anticipated going into this race.  It’s true; I’m almost always disappointed in ... More

Jones and His Soggy Bottom

​Looking at my reflection as I kneeled at the river crossing splashing the, cold, February river water all over my face and head just after evacuating the contents of my already panging stomach, I was asking myself why the hell do you do this??? This is fricking Idiocy…..Three weeks after running my best 100 ... More

Just Say No

We don't know what the future holds but the one thing we can count on with absolute certainty is that we are in the driver’s seat and have the ability to choose how fast we get there and the direction we drive.Many times in life we find ourselves involved in things we really don't want to do. For runners it happens all ... More

Success Postponed – Rocky Raccoon 100

Indika McCampbell at the Starting Line of the 2016 Rocky Raccoon 100. Rocky Raccoon 100 2016….A look back! Fair warning…this is looonngg!!!Well guess I’ll start at with this. Despite being as ready as I have ever been for a race of this magnitude…RR100 2016 was sadly a DNF at Mile 72.5…AGAIN!!!! OK Now ... More

Finding the Fire – Rocky Raccoon 2016

Jeff and his pacer Justin. You saw the video but….Rocky Raccoon holds a special place in my heart, as it does for a lot of us in the Idiots Running Club. This was my third time running Rocky. 2013 was my first year, and first ever 100, I made several Rookie mistakes including racing a veteran ultra runner for 40 ... More


     It's been a while since I last wrote about running, racing or life in general. The reasons are many but it basically comes down to an all around lack of motivation to share my meaningless thoughts. My definition of motivation is simply the desire to gain reward or accomplish a goal. Any steps required ... More