ElliptiGo Arc Relay for Life Raffle

****0 TICKETS REMANING**** updated at 10:50 CST 5/29/2016

Congrats to Norman Eubank from Pontiac, MO on winning the first ElliptiGo Arc Raffle. Stay tuned for another opportunity.

You know you NEED one of these.

Raffle tickets are $16.58 each with a limited quantity of 181 available. Retail value is $1299.

Why the weird numbers? Because.

All proceeds above my costs will benefit the ACS via the Idiots Running Club Relay for Life Team.

After you complete your purchase I will send you the potentially winning number. On June 10th (or before if the 181st ticket is sold prior to the 10th) a winner will be selected using a random number generator app and will be streamed live for all to witness. That’s as fair as it gets.

Delivery will be approximately 10 days after a winner is chosen. Free Shipping included in the continental U.S. Only.

Use the paypal button to purchase ALL the tickets. Good luck.

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