GoPro or Hot Tub Relay for Life Raffle

Another raffle?? Yep. Another raffle to benefit the ACS via the Idiots Running Club Relay for Life Team in our quest to rid the world of the evil that is cancer.

A very generous supporter has donated your choice of a portable hot tub or theGoPro Hero4 Silver Camera Bundle. 
It will be tough choice for the winner to choose between the two but I have faith that you will make the right decision. But… if you screw it up and wish you had picked the other – it will be okay. 
Why? How will it be okay? Well… Because tickets for this raffle are only ONE DOLLAR each. One dollar. $1. One buck. With ticket prices that low you will have some cash piling up to be spent on the other. (Disclaimer- This is a hypothetical situation. I do not know, nor can I guarantee that money will be piling up at your house waiting to be spent) 
Donations for tickets can be made directly to the Relay for Life via this link ->
******Please be sure to add GoPro/Hot Tub in the notes.*****
Drawing will be held on June 10th/11th live during the Ozark County Missouri Relay for Life event. 
Quick… Buy ALL the tickets.

Free Shipping in the continental United States only. 

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