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ElliptiGo Arc Relay for Life Raffle

****0 TICKETS REMANING**** updated at 10:50 CST 5/29/2016Congrats to Norman Eubank from Pontiac, MO on winning the first ElliptiGo Arc Raffle. Stay tuned for another opportunity. You know you NEED one of these.Raffle tickets are $16.58 each with a limited quantity of 181 available. Retail value is $1299.Why the weird ... More

Just Say No

We don't know what the future holds but the one thing we can count on with absolute certainty is that we are in the driver’s seat and have the ability to choose how fast we get there and the direction we drive.Many times in life we find ourselves involved in things we really don't want to do. For runners it happens all ... More


     It's been a while since I last wrote about running, racing or life in general. The reasons are many but it basically comes down to an all around lack of motivation to share my meaningless thoughts. My definition of motivation is simply the desire to gain reward or accomplish a goal. Any steps required ... More

Rules for Life

These are MY rules for life. You may have your own or none at all. It's really none of my business what you do.  If you disagree with any or all of these rules... Okay. My guess is that one day, many generations from now, the world's greatest scholars will attempt to interpret each Rule as written. To avoid world wide ... More

Not So Pretty In Pink….

On October 19, 2014 we will attempt to Turn The Trail Pink at the Dogwood Canyon 50k. I will run the course while wearing a pink tutu in the spirit of breast cancer awareness. I am asking (begging) for donations in the amount of $5. For each $5 donation a ribbon will be personalized with the name of individuals ... More

Failure and Success

Once upon a time there was a dude that wanted to lose weight. He was out of shape and honest enough to know it. So on a cold January day in 2006 he embarked on a one mile run. It was slow and painful, he wanted to quit after the first 100 yards but he kept going. After a mere quarter of a mile he was huffing and puffing. ... More

Eye on the Prize….I’m not Blinking

"Play hard. Have fun. Do your best. Be proud of yourself but stay humble."  These are the things I remember from my childhood. Success wasn't always measured in wins and losses. It was measured by effort, smiles, steady improvement and humility. I wasn't a phenomenal athlete. Probably not even considered "good" by ... More

IRC Relay for Life Team

As the sun began to rise, transforming night into day, the full moon remained visible in the early morning sky. For me, it was the perfect way to wrap up another 12 hour Relay for Life event. The final laps, as always, were run with tears leaking down my face and an attempt to hide the emotions from those that had braved ... More


Confidence is a tricky thing. No matter how many races or miles I run, confidence in my abilities is the one thing that I always struggle with. Usually a personal best or podium appearance is met with excitement for a short period followed by the nagging questions from the VOICES. "Was it just a fluke? Did the course ... More

Rocky Racoon 100

The trail disappeared into the darkness. My vision was blurred and it felt like I was floating. I was vaguely aware of Wilson trying to crack jokes as we made our way through a single track section of roots and rocks. I was struggling, no doubt, but that didn’t explain the odd sensation of what I knew had to be an out of ... More