Sylamore 50k

I am officially signed up for the Sylamore 50k Trail Run in Allison, Arkansas on February 20. I think. Maybe. I’m not sure. I paid the money through pay-pal but the race website wouldn’t let me register. The race director caught this immediately and emailed me for my information so I think it is all good. I ran the 25k there last year and had a great time. It is very well organized and the volunteers are great. The course is rugged but not extremely technical and the hills are just about right. The creek crossing at mile one was surprising and somewhat challenging because the water was chest deep….and cold. Since this race is an out and back, the creek comes into play again right at the end. Just enough shock to wake you up for the last mile or so. I had a blast in the 25k and hope the 50k is just as much fun. Really looking forward to running this with my training partner, Charley. We haven’t had much of a chance to run together lately and this should be a lot of fun.

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