Always Room For Doubt……

Can I do this? This is a question asked over and over in my head. Before the first 5k then a couple of months later at the first 10k. The next 3 months were filled with questions, uncertainty and self-doubt. Pulled that ½ marathon off without a problem and a year later the first full 26.2 mile Marathon. Serious doubts ... More

Always a Challenge, Always an Adventure

Some people understand why running is so great, others struggle to understand. I hope this helps.......Running can provide many adventures if you're paying attention. Whether on a training run or race, along the roadways or through the trails, there is always something that can make an impact. Simple things sometimes and ... More

The Student Becomes the Master….

There are times in life when we realize that the things we say to our children do actually have an impact. Today was one of those days for me. I had decided to pull my 7 year old son away from the TV and video games for an afternoon of “work”. This consisted of him riding along with me to feed the cattle and open a few ... More

The Search for Balance

Balance. An important part of anything we do in life. Too much of any one thing can have negative results in another area of our lives. Sometimes it is seemingly impossible to find the right mix to keep everything running on an even keel. Any exercise program will require balance in our lives. I don't mean balance ... More

Sylamore 50k Race Report

Saturday, February 20th 2010, Allison AR. Charley and I made the trip down to Allison on Friday afternoon. We picked up our packets, bib number and swag at the starting point (Angler's restaurant and Gas Station) then made our way into Mtn. View to spend the night. After a quick dinner and a few beers we tried to sleep. I ... More

50k to 6,000 miles…..What a Run.

The Sylamore 50k Trail Run. I have been looking forward to this race for a while now. Last year after running the 25k, I swore that I would never come back. But....You know how it goes. A few hours later I was thinking about the 50k. Could I cover that distance over this terrain? Would I want to push myself that hard? Hard ... More

A Funny Thing Happened Along The Way….

I didn't set out to become a runner. It just happened. In the beginning there were no thoughts of marathons or ultras. In fact the idea that I “might” be able to run 3 miles one day was dreaming big. To think that running would become not only a passion but a lifestyle for me would have been laughable. It was definit... More

Tyler is my HERO

"Hey, you created me. I didn't create some loser alter-ego to make myself feel better. Take some responsibility!" - Tyler Durden in Fight Club.     I don't have Tyler Durden in my head. But I have a dude a whole lot like him. In fact, I call him Tyler. He likes to cuss me and bully me around. I love ... More

List of Milestones and Races

The following are dates, times and races completed since my first run in 2006. Nothing fast and nothing special. Just a diary of accomplishments and events. Looking at this I can easily see my level of training/over-training. If only I could have seen it at the time........*January 16, 2006 – 1mile in the rain. First ... More

But the BLING is nice……..

Sometimes the VOICES chime in with this......Why keep racing? You will never win. Just stop already..........To this I don't usually have an answer. Could it be for the BLING, the friendships or the self-satisfaction of pushing the limits of my own body. I will never be an "elite" runner and at 190 lbs it is unreasonable ... More