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Rail Trail 50 miler Race Recap

Coral WiebeIdiot #832June 21, 2015 I don't really know where to begin with this one. I trained for it, I planned for it and at mile 17 i wanted to drop out. There's this concept out there that I never give up...and while it's flattering it also creates a lot of pressure...but in the same breath keeps me ... More

we don’t need no stinkin’ medals

DanMan Challenge Race ReviewPaul ManessIdiot #163If you only run races for the swag you can quit reading now, it’s not for you, however if you truly love to run and enjoy a nice challenge, read on!Lacey and I discovered this race after we had to cancel plans to run a 50K in Kansas, she sent me a couple ideas and ... More

Rich flint goes to camp

You don’t have to be an Idiot to run the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, but it helps. (a.k.a oh shit)I don’t recall exactly when it was I first heard about running the Grand Canyon rim to rim (R2R), (R2) or the rim to rim to rim (R2R2R), (R3) but  I do recall thinking WOW that has got to be scary fun! ... More

Counting Calories and Running Naked

Why the Calorie Mentality is Making Us All idiots (lower-case i)Should you count your calories? No.Should you run naked through the streets in the middle of a snow storm? Maybe?Should you wear grellow and take the Idiot oath? Yes.Alright, move along folks, that’s it. Simple answers to simple ... More

Wrong Turn at Lake Martin

Here it is.....   Unfortunately I have what every runner hates having, especially for a big race they have been preparing for all winter. I did not come home with a buckle, instead I have a nice new shiny DNF. I never in a million years thought my journey to 100 miles would end like this. Here's what happened.... More

be Legendary

I'm not sure where to begin with this one...but it's safe to say the lesson i learned was to check the ego at the door. The Race is called the Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon and this was my 5th year running it.The night before the race we'd been invited over to a friends place for board games...sweet (Pandemic, Seven ... More

Chasing the Raccoon

Rich Flint Idiot #449 20 hours 45 min and 57 second later. 2nd place masters. — in Huntsville, Texas. I know it’s a little long winded but it does finally get to the point...I think     I was told I should write a race recap of my RR100 race, but to be honest, my race wasn't much different than ... More

All About the Bling?

Tara HomburgIdiot #143I had to have something on my schedule to keep me moving through the winter.  For those of you that know me you know I hate the winter and have a tendency to go into hibernation mode.  So in order to keep me moving I had to find an event large enough to scare me into training through ... More

Mark Twain Meets The Professor 

I had a friend ask me once if I would sign up for a 100 mile race to which I replied quite abruptly “NO.” Little did I know, a few years down the road I would be toeing the line of that exact distance. Little did I know how badly I wanted to test my mental and physical ability. Little did I know how this ... More

mark twain and the epic journey

2014 MT100 Overall Winner Derek Glos Just a few years ago, March 20, 2012 to be exact, I was having a very bad day at work and life was really starting to push me to the point of breaking so I took off on a little jog at lunch.  I hadn’t run since the summer of 1998, but I needed something to ... More